M I R R O R / E C H O


Release Date: 25/11/11
Label: from a stolen sea

mirror / echo by theapplesofenergy

Product Description: Limited Edition 180g Vinyl in a Deluxe 100% Recycled Stock Cover.

Pressed on the classic EMI 1400 at The Vinyl Factory, the cover is printed on 100% recycled paper of the highest quality by Generation Press; a Carbon Neutral company.

By buying the vinyl directly from us you will be entitled to a free Studio Master Quality Download of {24bit/48khz}. Once you have purchased the vinyl we will send you an email with details of how to claim it.

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Studio Master Quality Download

Recorded in a flat in Croy, Scotland and a little way up the Campsie Hills.

“mirror/echo” is an organic album both in its construct and the sound-world it creates, it is in essence, a study of how sound works / reacts in two very specific yet very different spaces, the first being a small flat and the second a wide open landscape. The debut offering from theapplesofenergy - aka Steven Gribbin whose musique concrète-infused compositions are uniquely atmospheric; this album is the successful product of Steven’s desire to marry the minimalism of his live, improvised performances with the intricacy of his multi-faceted recordings.

Sounds by Steven Gribbin.
Recording / Production by Mark Anthony Burgoyne.

Hear Part Two: Spring's Interlude to Summer Dream in full on our Soundcloud page here.